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Dragutin T. Mihailović

Climate change and heritage: What exists in civilisation theasurus of the Danubian region?

Josef Eitzinger

The effects of landscape structures on microclimatic crop growth conditions and their potential to adapt to climate change.

Lenka Bartošová

Various methods of processing long-term phenological series

António Lopes

Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Cloud-to-ground lightning in Portugal and their relationship with geographical factors



Author(s) Title
Svetlana Bičárová Decadal precipitation totals (1961-2010) in the High Tatras region and occurrence of atmospheric circulation types
Luboš Türkott The severity of the winter in the Czech republic in the period from 2005 to 2010
Vera Potop Examination of the effect of evapotranspiration as an output parameter in SPEI drought index in central bohemian region
Josef Bolom Long term changes on river basin Dedina
Marián Melo Konček climate shifts in the Tatra Mts. between periods 1951-1980 and 1981-2010
Helena Hlavatá Analysis of precipitation totals and snow cover before and afterwindstorm calamity on November 19, 2004
Tekušová Mária Long - term observations of cloudness in Hurbanovo
Michal Kravčík The new water paradigm - water for the recovery of the climate
Martin Novák A comparison of an UTCI to some other selected indices
Justína Vitková Analysis of the air temperature and precipitation development at locality Kuchyňa
Constanta Boroneant Validation of REGCM precipitation simulation over Republic of Moldova. Application for standard precipitation indices calculated for the period 1960-1997
Jaroslav Střeštík Late autumn and early spring frosts in connection with global warming
Vladimíra Vargová Dry matter production correlated with rainfall during half a century
Tomáš Vida Assessment of fire danger in forests of Zvolen basin and its surroundings on the base of meteorological fire indices
Petr Štěpánek Technical series for various meteorological elements in the Czech republic, 1961-2010
Petr Štěpánek Climate change in the area of the Czech republic according to ALADIN-Climate/CZ simulations




Author(s) Title
Čaboun Vladimír Changes of forest structure as response to variable climate and forest management
Marek Ježík Relations between potential evapotranspiration, sap flow and maximum daily stem shrinkage of spruce trees in growth stages of a pole- and trunk-mature forest during irrigation experiment
Dana Kovalčíková Modeling of Norway spruce (Picea Abies L. Karst) transpiration in optimal moisture conditions and under the drought stress
Hana Pavlendová The role of local phenological parametrisation in the assessment of ozone critical level exceedance for forest trees
Zuzana Sitková Meteorological conditions and soil moisture dynamic during two different vegetation seasons in the spruce forest stands of Poľana mts.
Ilja Vyskot Quantitative assessment of carbon sequestration by forest ecosystems
Michal Frič Stem circumference changes of spruce trees at different altitudes during the growing seasons in years 2009 – 2010


Author(s) Title
Veronika Brandýsová Effect of understory vegetation on the course of phenological curve of the beech forests
Hájková Lenka The pollen season of the main allergens in the Czech republic within the period 1991 – 2010
Věra Kožnarová Evaluation of “Poaceae” Allergens phenological onsets in dependence on weather conditions within the period 1991 – 2010
Ivana Pálešová Selected factors influencing autumn phenology of chosen forest tree species
Tibor Priwitzer Phenological observations on permanent monitoring level II plots
Jana Škvareninová The development of phenological stages of european beech (FAGUS SYLVATICA L.) in Slovakia during the period of 1996 – 2010
Mariana Eliašová The phenological synchrony between alien aphit Impatientinum asiaticum Nevsky and its host – alien plant Impatiens parviflora DC.



Author(s) Title
Zdeněk Žalud Soil hydric regimes under climate change scenarios in Czech republic
Martina Nováková Example of the analysis and evaluation of agricultural soil moisture conditions from the long-time period point of view
Bernard Šiška Spatial changes of spring barley yields in condition of changing climate on danubian lowland from the point of view of yield security
Jozef Takáč Climate change impact on irrigation need of field crops on danubian lowland
Milan Fischer Identifying the FAO-56 crop coefficient for high density poplar plantation: the role of interception in estimation of evapotranspiration
Matěj Orság Simplne modelling of biomass increment in short rotation poplar coppice
Vladan Jareš Windbreak porosity determined from digital photo
Jana Kozlovsky Dufková Determination of overwinter processes influence on breakdown of soil aggregates
Martina Vičanová Comparison of soil infiltration capability and selected physicalproperties of two locations
Tomáš Litschmann Evaluation of automatic monitoring systems as tool to predict harmful factors impacts in fruit orchards
Tomáš Středa Orchards microclimatic specifics
Bronislava Mužíková Analysis of relationship between wind speed on windward and leeward side of shelterbelts
Jana Lendelová Evaluation of thermal-humidity index in animal housing
Lubomír Botto Microclimatic evaluation of tunnel ventilation in pig fattening house during hot weather
Jana Lendelová Evaluation of climatic parameters in stables during summer time
Lubomír Botto Effect of summer weather on microclimate in group farrowing house for sows
Sirotkin A. V. Mechanisms of action high temperatures on farm animals
Jaroslav Šotník Influence of noise and object noisiness on animal breeding
Stela Jendrišáková Plant richness in the Velka Fatra National Park