Seznam příspěvků:

K. Bahnová, Z. Rózová: Microclimatic conditions of Housing estate Chrenova 1 in Nitra city

D. Bareš, M. Možný: Comparison of manual and automatic measurements of air and soil temperature in the Czech Republic

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S. Bičárová; J. Mačutek; D. Bilčík: Indices of climate extremes for the growing season length at foothill station Stará Lesná (1988-2013)

M. Doleželová: Bioclimatological conditions in Brno city and Brno region in three different time „slices“ – from Mendel’s era to present days

J. K. Dufková, L. Lackóová: Methods of erosion research induced by occurrence of strong wind

P. Eliáš: Sunflecks in forest communities and their importance for plant life in a forest understorey

M. Eliašová, P. Eliáš, jun., V. Zuzulová, B. Šiška: The positive effect of extreme weather: the new localities of selected endangered plant species found during extremely moist year 2010

P. Fleischer jr., P. Fleischer, K. Strelcova: Carbon dioxide fluxes and carbon balance after the 2004 stand replacing wind throw in the Tatra National Park

D. Gömöry: Climatology and genetics – is there any interface? An example of forest trees

J. Haberle, P. Svoboda, M. Kohút, G. Kurešová: The comparison of calculated and experimentally determined available water supply in the root zone of selected crops

L. Hájková, V. Kožnarová, M. Možný: History and present of phenological observations or phenology at the crossroad

L. Hájková, V. Kožnarová, D. Richterová: Selected agroclimatological characteristics at Tušimice station in the period 1968–2012

J. Kalíšek, M. Šoch, P. Ondr, I. Knížková, J. Ciml: Effect of age of horses on gas concentration in the stable

J. Klein, Z. Rózová: Impact of Vegetation on Microclimate in Different Layouts of Built-Up Areas in Urbanised Environment of Nitra Municipality in Spring Period

J. Klimešová, T. Středa: Agrometeorological and biological aspects of maize transpiration

G. Knozová: The Occurrence of Hail in Selected Location within South Moravia Region in the Period 2003 – 2013

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L. Macková, K. Merganičová, P. Nalevanková, M. Fabrika, K. Střelcová, Z. Sitková: Analysis of the impact of meteorological characteristics on the transpiration simulated in SIBYLA growth simulator

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M.B. Matraimov, P. Salaš, M. Jonáš, H. Sasková, M. Maier, T. Litschmann, M.K.Akhmatov: Using portable Dynagage sap flow logging system to measure sap flow in the young plants on soil conditioner in nursery

M. Možný, D. Bareš: Forecast danger of vegetation fires in the open countryside in the Czech Republic

H. Pavlendová, Z. Snopková, T. Priwitzer, T. Bucha: Using of long-term phenological observations of SHMI and NFC for validation of Regional Phenology Model for European beech

O. Polák, D. Falta, O. Hanuš, G. Chládek: Effect of barn airspace temperature on composition and technological parameters of bulk milk produced by dairy cows of Czech Fleckvieh and Holstein breeds

V. Potop: The impact of dry and wet events on the quality and yield of Saaz hops in the Czech hop growing regions

V. Potop, C. Boroneant: Assessment of potential evapotranspiration at Chisinau station

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J. Rožnovský: G.J. Mendel´s meteorological observations

P. Salaš, T. Litschmann, H. Sasková: Minimum Temperatures above Different Surfaces in Strawberry Cultivation

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R. Sitko, N. Srncová, J. Škvarenina, J. Vido: Effect of different sources of climate databases on the assessment of growth response in dendroclimatic analyses

B. Slobodník, J. Šufliarsky, L. Slobodníková, J. Škvarenina: Changes in the course of the spring generative phenological phases in manna ash (Fraxinus ornus L.) in dependence on the air temperature conditions

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J. Takáč, A. Morávek, Z. Klikušovská, R. Skalský: Drought Severity in Agricultural Land of Slovakia in the Years 2011-2013

M. Tekušová; V. Horecká; Ľ. Jančovičová: Bioclimatological characteristics of soil moisture in Hurbanovo

P. Thonnová; H. Středová: Analysis of samples occasioned during the period of the erosive dangerous winds

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L. Türkott; E. Martinčíková; V. Potop: The thermal regime of ice pits of the Boreč hill

M. Váľková: Influence of meteorological factors and agricultural management form on weed species structure in model territory of Agricultural Cooperative Očová

J. Vavrovič, E. Svobodová, M. Eliašová, J. Kollár, B. Šiška : Model estimation of potential infestation pressure of Codling Moth (Cydia pomonella) in condition of changing climate in Slovakia

J. Vilček, J. Škvarenina, J. Vido, R. Kandrík: Thermic continentality in Slovakia and climate changes

J. Winkler, S. Chovancová, J. Brotan: The influence of precipitation and soil tillage on weeds in winter wheat

P. Zahradníček, M. Žák, P. Skalák: Physiological equivalent temperature as an indicator of the UHI effect with the city of Prague as an example

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V. Zuzulová, J. Vavrovič, B. Šiška: The impact of drought incidence on yield variability of cereals in Slovakia as influenced by climate change

J. Zverko, J. Vido, J. Škvareninová, J. Škvarenina: Early onset of spring phenological phases in the period 2007-2012 compared to the period 1931-1960 as a potential bioindicator of environmental changes in The National Nature Reserve Boky (Slovakia)